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CY Steak

CY Steak

Among the great American culinary creations is the American steak house which features one of the USA’s most revered natural product, naturally fed beef, which is richly marbled, aged, and then char- broiled simultaneously on all sides.. The American steakhouse features warm environments, great prime cuts of beef, delicious comfort side dishes, and unforgettable shellfish. Read more

Cliff Young's Restaurant Consultants

Cliff Young's Restaurant Consultants

Teaching private restaurateurs to operationalize their visions and concepts is the forte of Cliff Young's Restaurant Consultants. Read more

Cliff Young’s Burgundy

Cliff Young’s Burgundy
A private club providing authentic personal access to the Cote d’Or and Greater Burgundy, Cliff Young’s Burgundy presents one of the most exclusive opportunities available for the enjoyment of the wine culture of Burgundy. Read more

Cellars USA Cellars USA
We are licensed to import fine wines from France to the United States and we proudly represent Burgundy’s exciting jeunes talents and vigneron of great reputation. Read more

The Founder
Awards can be won and honors may be bestowed, but what drives excellence is far more difficult to attain. Passion for life and work is something innate, something you’re born with, not taught. France

Cliff Young is the passion and the driving force behind Cliff Young’s Burgundy, Cellars USA and Cliff Young's Restaurant Consultants. In a certain respect, it is the attainment of a lifetime of learning, living and rich experience.

Cliff isn’t prone to tell people this, but he is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow who graduated with a degree in Philosophy. How that led to this is something Cliff is quite…philosophical about. While his life’s work has always centered on the pursuit of quality, he has never lost sight of his other loves: business, art, literature, architecture, history, poetry and, of course, intellectual thought.private club

In a very real sense, it is superbly logical that Cliff Young should come to be headquartered in Burgundy, France, celebrating its glorious wine culture, welcoming guests, advising clients, and allowing them to know and understand his life’s work – the attainment of excellence. 

“Here and there perfection exists, and our goal is to allow it to emerge in the lives of our guest and clients.” – Cliff Young

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