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Dear Wine Enthusiast:

The 2005 Vintage here on the Cote d’Or has received extraordinary attention from wine critics and has already become a rare and collectible product. As of this date, the majority of the 2005 wines have been sold. There is virtually no 2005 available.

CELLARS US, federally licensed US importer of fine Burgundy wine, specializing in the jeunes talents - the new generation of reputable winemakers – is offering through retailer Vintage Wines International, a collection of wines featuring the 2005 Burgundies - 48 bottles in all - for the exceptional price of US$4,300, an average bottle cost of under $90. Full retail value (re-order value) is US$4,800.

With this collection, you will immediately bring the great 2005 Bourgogne presence to your cellar and collection. You will have the opportunity to taste a great variety of distinct terroir - the element which most defines the charm of the Cote d’Or - from the skilled tourne de main of some of the finest young talents of the region. (Please click here to the Wine Spectator reviews of 2005 Burgundy wines).

The collection offers three bottles each of 16 different terroir representing 12 Grand Cru, 24 Premier Cru, and 12 Village or Bourgogne classifications from the cuverie of many different winemakers who have received medals and acclaim for their wines. These winemakers are represented exclusively by Cellars USA and its associated suppliers.

Only 40 such mixed cases are offered, and you may use these wines as a platform for future wine choices as you discover your favorites. There will be limited quantities of each included wine available for subsequent purchase.

If you wish to discuss our offering, or if you require specific information on any wine, terrior or producer, please contact me personally.

These wines are being made available in conjunction with Colorado licensed suppliers and off-premises retail stores.

a votre sante,

World Phone 303 359 2030 / France (011 33) 3 80 24 16 53

Download Wine Offering Brochure (17 MB)


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