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CY Steak is Cliff Young’s latest foray into the Denver Fine Dining scene. Your first glance will reveal an intimate yet inviting setting with sandstone-lined walls adorned with vintage art and elegant table settings.

CY Steak
is a modern-day evolution of the American steak house, which is among the greatest culinary creations of our time, fusing a traditional steak house menu with classic French style and complexity. CY Steak features only the finest cuts of naturally fed, prime, aged U.S. beef, char-broiled on all sides simultaneously to create an exceptional steak, cooked to perfection every time.

Pairing classic steak house cuisine and American comfort food, our French-inspired menu features prime beef, charcuterie platters, home style side dishes, impeccable shellfish and decadent desserts. Your succulent steak is presented on an oversized white rectangular that accentuates the size and quality of each cut of beef. Whether you choose a juicy NY strip or a tender filet, the flavor is unforgettable, especially when it's accentuated by a classic bordelaise or au poivre sauce.

Choose from a variety of side dishes like potatoes dauphinoise, an upscale version of Mom's scalloped potatoes, or potato hush puppies, to add a soupcon of Gallic flair.

Round off your meal from our selection of more than 500 fine wines, and you'll have a dining experience to remember.

This imaginative fusion of the classic American steak dinner, the best of home cooking, and the sophistication of French cuisine and will become the destination of choice for business dinners, special occasions and exceptional dining experience.

Welcome to the ultimate fusion
of comfort cultures.
Welcome to

Please see our Menu here

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Frequently asked questions about

Q. What kind of Steak House is CYSteak?
A. CYSteak is a richly appointed American Steak House which serves prime beef, raw bar shellfish, extraordinary sauces and side dishes - all with a subtle influence of French cuisine.

It is owned and operated by Cliff Young who helped create the original Diamond Steakhouse. Cliff Young's restaurants in Denver have achieved Five Star status. For the last ten years, Cliff Young has operated a prestigous hospitality operation in Burgundy, France. Cliff is available to help the customers enjoy.

Q. How is the French influence expressed?
A. With "Charcuterie" (rare dried meats, Terrines with mustard, pickles and great breads), seven steak sauces, garnishes, After Dinner cheese selection, and great cream and chocolate desserts as well as "Plugras" butter.

Q. What are the days and hours of operation?
A. Monday through Sunday, 6:00 pm to midnight, note the availability of later dining. 

Q. Are the products organic and sustainable?
A. Where ever possible, our chefs shop the small markets to select ingredients which are grown, harvested, and prepared without chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetic manipulation.

Q. How is the Wine and Spirits Program created?
A. A huge Wine and Spirits program meets the desire for Old World and New World Wine and Spirits products.

Q. What are the trademarks of this Cliff Young restaurant?
A. Extraordinary personal service and great cuisine served in a fun and sexy environment. Think of the great cabarets of Paris. A professional staff and great steakhouse cuisine with cabaret as a background.

Q. Are reservations required?
A. CYSteak accepts reservations, but they are not required.

Q. How do I find and enter the Steak House?
A. CYSteak is located adjacent to the Diamond Cabaret, a Denver Gentlemen's Club and local legend. You may enter via the club or directly into the restaurant from Glenarm Street.

Q. What is the address?
A. 1222 Glenarm - Glenarm at Colfax.

Q. Where does one park?

A. Attendant Parking is available      

Q. What is the dress code?
A. Dress casual is appropriate, but be comfortable.


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