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Cliff Young’s Burgundy
A Private Club for Authentic Personal Access in Burgundy

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Cliff Young’s Burgundy provides exclusive access to the wine culture of Burgundy through a club format catering to guests and their families by offering the ability for connoisseurs, as well as the uninitiated, to become members, and therefore privileged insiders in this important wine region

Guests become members through participation in a Cliff Young’s Burgundy ‘Celebrated Wine Season Event’ and are welcomed into the wine culture of Burgundy and its inner circle in three ways. .  

I. Wine Access.
Cliff Young’s Burgundy introduces members to the elite vigneron and the renowned wine authorities who put the Cote d’Or in the center of the world’s wine map. Members gain introductions to unique figures of wine culture – from the established authorities to the jeunes talents who are the next generation of great winemakers – and thus are afforded the opportunity to cultivate personal relationships and achieve entrée into a lifetime of wine knowledge, appreciation and connection. 

II. Wine Events.
Cliff Young’s Burgundy orchestrates members-only, custom-designed and privately escorted ‘Celebrated Wine Season Events’ which encompass the exclusive venues beyond which most visitors never gain acceptance. Through relationships cultivated during his longstanding presence in Burgundy, Wine Curator Cliff Young brings fine wine lovers, great winemakers and renowned wine authorities together in intimate style – in wine caves and vineyards, at Michelin-starred restaurants, wine auctions, tastings and paulees, in kitchens and dining rooms of private homes, and at the culturally significant landmarks of Burgundy.

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'Celebrated Wine Season Events' are priced according to the particulars of the itinerary, the wine personalities involved and the luxuries offered.

Upcoming: The next opportunity for members to reserve space for a ‘Celebrated Wine Season Event’ is November 13-19, 2007, Les Hospices de Beaune, World’s Greatest Wine Auction. For more information, please click here

III. Wine Concierge Services.
Cliff Young’s Burgundy adds value to membership by serving as personal wine concierge whenever members require expert assistance, be it personal wine selections, pairings for personal menus, customized wine tours or personal tastings.  

Wine Concierge Services are priced accordingly. A selection of members’ most-requested services are listed below. 

  1. Private Customized Tours for Members. On the occasions when members prefer to access the wine culture of Burgundy exclusively for themselves and their invited guests, the Club designs private tour events according to members’ preferences, tastes and schedules.
  1. Procurement of Rare Wines, Investment Wines and Futures. The Club identifies, locates and acquires for members the desired wines that are in high demand and difficult to locate. The Club also selects and acquires wine futures on behalf of curator
  1. Management and Design of Personal Cellars. The Club manages inventory, valuation, replacement and purchases for members’ private wine cellars. The Club also offers appealing
    and functional designs for private cellars.
  1. Travel planning assistance. The Club offers members access to luxurious accommodations in Burgundy’s grand hotels and chateaux, along with coordination of transportation from Paris or Lyon and arrangements for the artistic and cultural exploration of the Cote d’Or.
  1. Newsletter. The Club reports the news from Burgundy, keeping members up-to-date on the significant developments affecting the wine industry in the valley.

“Winos are what aficionados call themselves.” – Cliff Young

“I am delighted to be associated with Cliff Young’s Burgundy. I am convinced that the services that accrue to its members are enticing.” – Clive Coates



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